Gaza sur Mer


Views of the sea in Gaza, Sheikh-Ajlin quarter, Palestine :


These photographs, all taken from the same location, during the same year (1997). bear witness, in this overpopulated zone, to emptiness and nothing, to a desert of blue, pink or grey water, with the signs of everyday life, a few fishing boats, some bathers, birds, a kite or a helicopter passing across the sky.
The images are small and square in the centre of large frames, like those seen through the window frames of the refugee camps that border the shore.



[Exhibition comprising 38 40 x 50 cm panels presenting one or more colour film photographs in 10 x 10 cm or 12 x 12 cm format, mounted with sand yellow passe-partout. Exhibition produced with the support of the City of Dunkerque (France), partner. Exhibition presented, among others, in the, Dunkerque Port Museum, 3Epis Cultural Space in Brive-la-Gaillarde and Félicien Rops Gallery in Brussels.]