From roofs of Cairo


 Views over the Muslim, Fatimid and Mameluke city :


Two months spent surveying the roofs of Muslim Cairo for a both admiring and intimate look over a city where men and their history live mingled together.
From the roofs of Cairo, you can see both detritus covered terraces and the soaring fineness of the Mameluke minarets, the shadow of pyramids drowned in the haze of pollution as well as the fumes of workshops open to the sky, the dyed fabrics drying, the sheep parked in the shade of one of the oldest mosques in the world.
Seen from greater or lesser height, depending whether you are on the balcony of a minaret or the rampart walk of an old wall, Cairo, with its unstable equilibria, and hazardous piles, its inhabitants, who speckle the landscape everywhere, appears like an immense construction game for children with its share of craziness and dreams. And, despite everything, its heart beats, debates to continue living in the heart of a constantly deferred debacle.



[exhibition comprising 19 black & white film photographs placed under glass in 40 x 50cm format, black passe-partout, natural wood frame. Exhibition already presented at the Musée de Tulle.]